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Center for Economic and Policy ResearchDelete
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Center for Economic and Policy Research

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1611 Connecticut Ave. NW Suite 400 Washington , DC  20009 Phone 202-293-5380


CEPR's research and analysis educates the public, the press and policymakers on the important economic and social policy decisions that affect our lives.

Real Life

Why should you fund a think tank in Washington? And why the Center for Economic and Policy Research? Because CEPR fights every day for policies that benefit working people. From fighting to preserve Social Security and Medicare to promoting practical policy solutions for the unemployment and foreclosure crises, CEPR staff work on all fronts to ensure that our policymakers enact legislation that creates an economy that works for the people.

Take Social Security. CEPR's Co-directors have been working for 12 years to fend off those in Washington who want to make cuts to this valuable part of America's social safety net. CEPR successfully fought off efforts to privatize the program, which would have caused many to lose everything in the recent crash.

Of special interest to Federal employees, CEPR has done a great deal of research to counter claims that Federal workers are overpaid relative to non-government workers. CEPR has also fended off charges that government pensions are unsustainable.