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CFC Code: 11279

Seva Foundation

(aka) SEVA Foundation

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1786 Fifth Street Berkeley, CA  94710 Phone 800-223-7382
Your $50 donation will transform a life forever!

Restoring sight is one of the most cost effective interventions to reduce poverty. With clear vision, those you help can return to work and school and live more fulfilled lives.

Seva's vision is a world free of avoidable blindness. Help us reach this goal.

Visit to see how you can give the gift of sight!


Restoring sight is one of the most effective ways to relieve suffering & reduce poverty. We deliver vital eye care to the world's most vulnerable including women, children and indigenous peoples. Transforming lives by Restoring sight!



Success Story

Your Support Can Help People Like The Malik Family

The Malik family, from West Bengal, knows this firsthand. Four generations of one family were born with congenital cataracts. Work, school, and everyday life for the entire family was shrouded in a blur.

Sarama, 62, was born with congenital cataracts-a genetic condition. Like her mother and siblings, she could barely see. She’s had a series of accidents; once, while walking in the field, she held up a snake thinking it was a dried coconut leaf. Sarama’s two sons and two grandsons also lived with cataracts.

But Seva Foundation's motivation to create change helped lift Sarama and her family from darkness.

Through our partner in the region, Sarama, her sons, and grandsons were all provided with sight-restoring cataract surgery. Practically overnight, each of their lives changed. “I can see so clearly! I can even see tiny insects now for the first time in my life!” exclaimed Sarama. “I cannot express how happy I am!”