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American Indian Education Fund

(aka) Partnership with Native Americans

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2401 Eglin Street Rapid City, SD  57703 Phone 800-416-8102
Show Native American students you CARE! 
Change Native lives with the gift of education. So many Native students dream of graduating from college to help their tribes. But for every student awarded a scholarship, 6 more need funding. Pledge your support to help Native students and encourage coworkers to do the same. #AIEF4NativeStudents
Pledge to www.AIEFprogram and spread the word!
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Native American students on remote reservations dream of college but face obstacles and inequities: 61% are low-income, only 17% graduate high school, and 16% graduate college. Please remember them with funding for scholarships and school supplies.

Success Story

Dear Donors:

My name is Bailey Chalfant, and I am a proud Northern Cheyenne tribal member. I grew up on the banks of the Rosebud Creek and spent hot summer days riding through my family’s cattle, something I still love to do now as an adult. I am a fourth-generation rancher, and above all, a steward to my homelands. In many ways, your compassion fuels this stewardship.

I was fortunate to be selected as an AIEF scholar as I started first semester for a master’s in public health at the University of Montana. I cannot begin to express my appreciation for the support of the AIEF staff and donors. Across Indian Country, kids break through generational trauma, blaze new trails and ensure a bright future for their tribal communities – all through education. It takes a village to raise Native kids, and I am fortunate that AIEF is part of my village.

My education is not solely for my own advancement in life but more so as a declaration of love and appreciation to my parents, my sister and the community that shaped my identity.

When donors like you choose to fund Native American students, you are making a deliberate choice to feed the passion of someone who may have never had the financial support to do so. Only 16% of Native Americans have been able to graduate college, while 40% of Whites do. So, to all of you who support education, especially for students in Indian Country, Neashe (thank you).  

Bailey Chalfant